Why LED?


We equip all our fixtures with integrated LED. Using LED as a light source rather than older alternatives offers different kinds of advantages. Depending on the type and technology, power consumption can decrease by up to 80%. Also, LED has a lifespan that is at least ten times longer than conventional light sources. This has a noticably positive effect on replacement costs. In turn, this causes less disruption in the work environment. Simply put: LED is just cheaper.

Even for fixtures that are not yet technically dismissable it can be interesting to contemplate a convertment. Payback time varies between 1,5 and 3 years. This depends on the type of fixture and the power of the current light source. A lot of owners associations have reserved money for big expenditures in the future. With the current interest rates investing in LED will be a better investment.

Converting Dijkstra fixtures into LED

The past twenty years we have manufactured more than 100,000 fixtures. There is a good chance that you will find fixtures of Dijkstra Lampen around the country. More often than not we see that when the technology that is used within the fixture is dismissable, the fixture itself could potentially still last many years. For this reason we are offering convertment services to LED for all of our previously distributed fixtures. Before you decide to replace the entire thing, consider converting it to LED. This can save you a lot of money. Our convertment service is also applicable to fixtures that are equipped with an emergency unit.


Converting any fixture into LED

We are now also offering convertment services to LED for fixtures produced by external parties. Do you have a special fixture that you would like to make more sustainable. Our experience and knowledge make a lot possible.
Want to learn more? You can mail us via info@dijkstralampen.nl or call us on via +31 20-2246046. You can also use the following form. That way we can quickly provide you with the right information. 

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